Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The lighting was all done by deon but I was a opinion giver in this process. We didn't want to have it too bright but at the same time things needed to be seen so some type of directional lighting was needed. The main thing that came to mind was a sunset, which would be the darkest time of day before nightfall.

Here we tried putting a brown/orange overlay on the lighting but it made everything look really muddy.

we then took it down a little bit and looked at the view outside. I think it looked really good, representing the dirty/dull look but at the same time, I felt it took away from the hard stone like feel needed to represent London streets.

We then tried a different type of lighting which gave a much better feel to the entire street but it felt a bit to intense so once again we took it down a notch and put a bit of colouring on it.

The outcome was this, which I really liked.

Here is a image of my room illuminated with the same light source, which I thought looked amazing. The only thing is that it's going to be kinda hard to replicate something like that inside the building.

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