Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Modeling the room inside my house

All the objects I modelled below for the room inside my house, as we decided my house would be the one the rat starts off in, in our animation. 

I started off with the chair's and table as it was the centre piece of the room. This had apparently been done, or was in the progress of being done by Ollie but I decided that in the time scale we had, it needed to be sooner rather than later. Saying that in mind, the chair was originally based of Ollie's chair which she did send me but the group found it a bit to regal looking for the room we had in mind, so I designed a new one off it.

I based my table off this image here which I thought matched the idea of the group as well as the correct era of furniture.

I then went on to create a bookshelf to follow the storyboard 

as well as  chest of draws and a pitchfork. To give the room some feeling of it being lived in at some point I decided to model the middle drawer coming out of the drawers.

The wooden planks were once again to add a scenery object as well as and obstacle for the rat to go over.

 I got this idea from and image posted on the group blog by Ollie I think.

Finally a view of my room from the outside of my house. It just needs to be textured now!

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