Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Texturing Deon's house

Here are the UV's that Dominique gave me to start texturing the house. It is pretty well mapped out, but the first thing that came to my attention is that there is a box of UV's in the corner. This worried me because there shouldn't be any missing UV's in my thought, but I was told to just delete them as they weren't necessary. I didn't believe that though so I left them in the corner and just put the rest of the buildings texture over it. 

In my opinion I would re-UV is but at the same time, I trust what has been said to me so I won't worry about them to much.

Texture - To get the wood work looking nice and realistic I decided to use the images I took while at the V&A museum. so every bit of wood work I used from my reference images in the to left hand corner. While doing this I had to sometimes put a colour overlay on certain wood work as it was a different shade but it came out very well in my opinion.

displacement map

specular map

Deon's house with my texture fully applied. The only thing I didn't like is that, the UV map was pre-made for me to texture by Dom but some UV's were not mapped. The outcome of this left the building with some missing UV's in some normally not so noticeable places but this is the building that is being scaled by the rat in our animation. Due to this, some of these missing UV's are shown, as well as some planes that have been doubled up underneath from when it was modelled by Deon. 

The entire process of me trying to texture this house took me a day and i AM happy about the outcome, I just wish that I knew these things before hand so I could work my way around them in the time I gave my self to do it.

I don't think that this reflects my texturing ability. I honestly believe that if I was texturing my own building that I used planes to create, and was made symmetrical. Texturing it would have been x10 easier and x100 better looking.

Am I happy with it once again? 

Yes but I know I can do much better with a model of better quality and my own mapped UV's

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