Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Texturing my room

All of the above images are what I used for my object textures. I thought it would make a lot more sense sourcing images of the real thing rather than trying to re-create them in Photoshop. 

All above images have been textured by my self and rendered in mental ray. I found that using the create UV's from camera tool was a very handy to use for texturing cube like images. Anything with 4 sides I pretty much found really simple to do once I got to grips with it. I looked at a few tutorials on-line outlining ways of texturing but this was possibly the most effective way I found to do it, selecting faces needed and projecting the image onto them.

I'm sure there is going to be a better way of going about doing it but at the same time, for this, it did me well.

I found that once I applied the displacement and bump maps with shaders, the wood works really started to look good. The grain really came to life and I feel proud of it.

Finished room without mental ray

This is the finished room with mental ray on. 

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