Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rat model continued

I made sure my rat fit to my reference as close as possible as I wanted the scale to match the environment.

I checked to makre sure it looked acurate to what I wanted once  smoothed it over and I have to say it fit pretty well.

I then created the leg separately and attached it with the create polygon tool.

I repeated this for the back leg and moved a few vertices to get my model looking more realistic.

This is the completed model of my rat. I added the ears, eyes, nose and tail to give it more form. I feel that I probably could have done more to give it some detail, such as the toes and a bit of muscle grouping but given the time I had and the timing I gave my self? It wasn't the most important part of our animation.

This is my attempt at rigging my rat and it was going pretty well, the only thing is that once again because of the time constraints I had, I didn't get to finish the rig properly.

What I was left with is a rat with a bone structure but no handles. I spent a good while looking for a appropriate auto rigging tool, as all tutorials I had were disks lasting about two days in total, which was time I hadn't enabled my self to have.

I found that this is ok anyway, for the fact that the rat moving isn't so important, just as long as we can have it appear where it needs to be at one point or another.

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